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Craigs List Ad - FTM With Pussy Wants Extreme Humiliation

Normally you see the case of a man turning himself into a woman. Not often the other way around.
In this Craigslist ad we have an FTM, female to male or Trans man wanting some pretty extreme and hilarious sexual shit!

Such classics he (or she?) asks for are:

  • Want to be fucked while being knocked out
  • Blackmailing me into doing this with pictures
  • Give you my key, you come over and fuck me anytime. No warning, no talking. Just come in and fuck my holes.

Click on the image to view the entire ad:

Fun Semen Facts

Average Speed of Semen is 31 MPH
Average shooting distance is 7-10 inches
World record distance however is 18 feet!
Sperm can live for up to 5 days in a woman
Sperm can live for 3 hours on a toilet seat

Last but not least.
The Etoro people of Papua New Guinea it is believed that to become sexually mature men, young boys must SWALLOW THE SEMEN OF THEIR ELDERS.

View the other Fun Semen Facts in this graphical representation
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Don't Be Silly Wrap Your Willy

Ugly Crack Whore

Heard of the old term crack whore? Looks like this one actually is!
Ugly Crack Whore

Worlds Biggest Anal Toy

This is some of the worst anal abuse I've ever seen. How long is that? 12, 14 inches? Damn!
Certainly not his first rodeo. His ass is stretched! Surprised

Good Morning Son

Just don't ask for cream on your waffles...
Good Morning Son

Mother Of The Year

Oldie, but a goodie. I just love the look on the kids face!
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